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Our team of Campaign Managers and Campaign Optimizers  are industry experts who are absolutely obsessed with getting you the best possible results. 

Here are some PPC success stories (with actual screenshots ) from our current clients: 

A 1308% increase in PPC conversions for this health-space business!

This business, within the health space, came to us seeking help with scaling their PPC conversions (our specialty!). Over the last two years, we’ve helped them grow from an average of just 50 monthly conversions to well over 700 and growing. Check out the chart below to see where took over the account: 


Great job, Bobby!

A Launch Program Success Story: From $533 in monthly PPC Revenue to over $74K/monthly in 6 months!

This pet product business already had a strong brick and mortar presence and was looking to fire up their online sales as well. The arrow on the chart below shows where we took over their Google Ads account and helped them scale to great success. 


Great job, Simon!

Explosive Growth: From $36K/month to $156K/month revenue and ROAS increasing from 5x to 12x in just 1 month!

When the time is right, most businesses choose to ad monthly budget to help push more existing product, or additional products new to their store. We were able to work with this client to double the ad spend, and push more traffic to all of their products. The monthly revenue and ROAS speaks for itself, resulting in the highest month of revenue (and ROAS) the store has ever seen!

(And the stats so far for this month look like we’re going to surpass last month’s success!)



Great job, Dragos and Cris!

ROAS up 27% in new bidding strategy

While many agencies phone it in after setting up an account, we’re constantly evaluating our strategy and looking for areas for growth. Here, we tested a shift in bidding strategy for a fashion brand that has been with us for 4.5 years. This resulted in a $2,765.81 increase in revenue from May to July, and 27% increase in ROAS. All of this with only a slight increase in ad spend!

Great job, Hayley!

987.21% increase in Net Revenue!

While this household goods store went from $13k in PPC revenue/month on Amazon to over $100k/month in their first 8 months with us, April was a historic high with great ACOS and great ROAS and a high of $165k for the month!

Keep on killin’ it, Dragos!

ROAS rises to highest in 8 months!

This compression apparel company knows that PPC is all about the end game and to not get bogged down with the short-term. After a few slower months they had the highest ROAS they’ve had in 8 months!

Highest ROAS in 8 months!

Way to go Simon!

Revenue increases $5000 with a 20x ROAS!

This western apparel company saw a $5000 increase in revenue in a single month after experimenting with a smart shopping campaign. With an incredible 20x ROAS, it goes to show you how trying something new can lead to great results for your business.

20x ROAS and $5000 revenue increase

That’s some fantastic PPC’ing Hayley!

5th Consecutive Month with $100K+ in Sales and Second Best Month Ever!

This apparel company has been working with us for a while and has been persistent with their PPC efforts. It certainly paid off, as they celebrated their fifth consecutive month with over $100,000 in sales and had their second best month ever!

Over $100K+ in sales for 5 months straight Wow Dragos!

Traffic More Than Doubles in 12 Month Period!

Everyone wants to see their site reach more people with increased numbers of visitors and impressions. This clothing company saw their traffic more than double over a span of twelve months while still maintaining a good ROAS. On top of that their impressions increased by more than 275,000!

Hall of Fame - Traffic Doubles in One Year

Nicely done Cristian!

$7,000 Decrease in Spend While Maintaining Conversion Benchmark!

Who doesn’t want to be able to lower their expenses and still generate the same results for their business? This health-services client was able to lower their ad spend by almost $7,000! Not only that, but they also lowered their CPA and still hit their benchmark number of 200 conversions per month.

HoF Cost Decrease chart

Incredible job Bobby!

Results across the board and 2x the traffic!

Great things come to those who wait. Over the course of a 12-month period this apparel company saw their traffic more than double while still maintaining an impressive ROAS. They also saw a dramatic increase in their impressions, clicks, and conversion value!

HoF - traffic doubles chart

Wow, amazing work Cristian!

Great things happen when you put your customers first!

After only four months together, this women’s fashion brand has seen results and continues to be impressed by the quality of the service they’re receiving. When you treat your customers well and put them first not only does it get them results, but it builds trust and loyalty for your business. Win win!

Great job Simon!

Consistency Means Still Seeing Results Years Later!

After working with for several years, this website marketplace continues to see results and improvements. 2019 is off to a great start with CPA’s continuing to decrease as campaigns are optimized.

Awesome work to start off the year Simon!

Amazon Headquarters praises our client for PPC growth!

Fantastic results speak for themselves.  Amazon Corporate recently showered our client in praise for their monumental revenue growth through great PPC campaigns. thrive on successes like these!

Awesome job Dragos, keep up the good work!

Revenue increases $68,000 in single month!

At we love helping our clients see results with their advertising and PPC. This electronics accessories company had a revenue increase of over $68,000 in a single month while also increasing their ROAS to 4.78x!

Fantastic job Simon!

An incredible 1414% increase in leads in just 5 months, while slashing CPC to historic lows!

When you sit down and take the time to figure out what your goals are, you’re able to achieve a level of clarity that can help you figure out the next steps to take. Before working with us, this client didn’t think it was possible to get their CPC under $10. By making a plan to scale their ad spend, this insurance company saw an incredible 1414% increase in conversions while dramatically lowering their CPC month to month by 80.41%!

This is awesome work Simon, keep it up!

11% conversion increase in two weeks by taking deliberate action!

Sometimes when you focus on the right things you can see big results in a shorter period of time. Over the course of a two week period this health-services client lowered their CPC account-wide while increasing their conversions by 11%!

Keep up the good work Bobby!

Stationery company surpasses $1.5 million in sales!

This stationary company broke records and reached more than $1.5 million in sales for the month of December! Six months previously, in June, they’d reached just under $200,000 in revenue, now that’s some incredible growth.

Phenomenal job Dragos on helping them reach that milestone sooner than expected!

Want your business to Reach Hall of Fame Results?

Only the top 3% of all PPC agencies achieve Premier Partner Status. Google has analyzed our skill level, account performance, and account growth and determined that we have earned our place amongst a handful of select top-tier agencies. 

ROAS doubles in just 4 months, while staying on track with average monthly spend!

With a slight change in focus, a male-focused cosmetics company is able to almost double their ROAS, and with 10 days left in December they are on-track to finish the month with their average spend of $30,000.  (Note: their other metrics for the month of December are low as this is data was taken before the end of the month).

Way to go Hayley!

$75,000 Revenue Increase In 3 Months Surpasses Previous Year’s December Sales!

PPC is not a sprint, instead an investment of time, budgeting, and experimentation had big payoffs for this clothing company. They increased their sales by $75,000 to beat last year’s revenue for December with only a marginal increase in their total spend!

Great work Dragos and Cristian!

Another win for client relationships, strategy and transparency!

At Search Scientists, we value great communication with our clients. Open, honest, and transparent communication are key to great PPC work. This client, in the health space, has worked with us for 1305 days, and our trust-based relationship is strong as ever: 

Great relationship-building (and performance!) from Campaign Manager, Hayley! 

90K monthly revenue to 156K monthly revenue in 11 months!

This home goods client has seen incredible growth this year and we are excited to see what more we can do for them in 2019! Check out these share-worthy results: 

Good stuff from our Campaign Manager/Optimizer team – Dragos and Cristian! 

Immediate account improvement after only 2 days of work!

We always say that PPC is a marathon not a sprint… but sometimes all it takes is a little bit of science and good strategy to have an account see immediate improvements. This fitness brand has seen instantly positive results after just 2 days. 

Phenomenal work, Adrian! 

Year over year November revenue increase of $86,000!

After 3.5 years together, this fashion brand client has enlisted us with a lot of trust in experimenting with their campaigns.. and it’s clearly paid off! There was a 130% increase in revenue for November 2018 in comparison to November 2017:

Great work, Hayley! 

Incredible growth in Amazon RoAS, up to 1,469%!

Over the course of 6 months, sales have increased more than 3.7x since we started managing the account. ROAS increased from 975% to 1,469%, while ACOS decreased from 10.25% to 6.80%

Amazing work, Dragos! 

From 37K to 118K in monthly revenue in just 4 months!

We love scaling accounts with great performance and results in mind. Here’s what 4 months of a trust-based PPC relationship looks like for this electronic accessories client: 

Keep up the fantastic work, Simon! 

Reduction in cost per conversion of 69% while increasing conversions by 52%!

This health-services client came to us in September, with a goal of increasing leads and keeping their cost per conversion under $50. If you look at their numbers from August til now, cost per conversion is down 69% and conversions are up 52%. Neat! 

Great work Bobby and Jessica! 

A win for Coaching

For the last 3 months, has been coaching two marketers at another digital agency to help them level up their PPC game. Here’s what they think of their PPC coaching: 

Great coaching from Bobby and Mike! 

A not-so-scary Halloween – new client has positive ROI for the 1st time ever!

This Fashion Accessories brand worked with another PPC agency for over year, without seeing any positive results. In just 2 weeks of work with , they have finally seen a positive ROI! 

Great work, Campaign Manager Hayley! 

29X ROAS – A win for time of day bid optimization

Great PPC involves routinely checking in on what is happening in accounts, making adjustments and continuing to optimize whenever and wherever we can. In this case, our campaign manager discovered that this office furniture supplier had great conversions on Wednesday mornings and adjusted their bids accordingly. Just look at this ROAS: 

Great work from Campaign Manager, Adrian! 

Google ❤ us.

Shared in our Slack chat this morning:

Keep up the great work, Team !

900% Increase in Leads

In just 3 months, helped this insurance company scale quickly from 100 leads per month to over 1,000 and counting! 

Kudos to Campaign Manager, Simon!  

Revenue Increase of over 350% in Quarter 3!

This landscape supply store is scaling at rocket speed with ’ help. In Quarter 3, they saw a revenue increase that took them from $28,000 per month to over $130,000 per month. That’s over $100,000 USD in monthly revenue increase!  Results like this are what drive our team to keep experimenting, optimizing and improving.

Phenomenal results from Campaign Management team Adrian and Vesna! 

$55,000 increase in Revenue in just 2 months! 

In a matter of only 2 months, we increased this electronics seller’s revenue from $37,000 USD to over $92,000 USD on Google Ads.

Way to go Simon! 

Revenue More than doubled in 6 months on Amazon!

Over the course of six months, we grew this Amazon seller’s account from $15,000 monthly revenue to $35,000 monthly revenue! 

Great work, Dragos and Cristian! 

$22,000 revenue increase over the summer

This men’s fashion brand has been working with us for 3 years. Over the summer, we increased their revenue from $68,000 to over $91,000 per month! 

Nice work, Hayley and Vesna! 

Praise for our Campaign Manager Hayley

This e-commerce client, in the foot health space, has worked with us for almost 4 years. Maintaining strong relationships that are based on expertise, great communication, and trust, are central to what we do at . 

ppc success - search scientists

Nice work, Hayley!

Want your business to Reach Hall of Fame Results?

Only the top 3% of all PPC agencies achieve Premier Partner Status. Google has analyzed our skill level, account performance, and account growth and determined that we have earned our place amongst a handful of select top-tier agencies. 

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